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Spains Hall Ruggles-Brise Family Line in the Ruggles Family Tree

Near the end of the PDF it speaks about Thomas Ruggles and Mary Curtis (Our line) and Colonel Brise (Sir Samuel Ruggles Brise of Spains Hall) are the same family. I will post info on Spains Hall.

PDF you can download on Family of Ruggles 1912

Spains Hall is an Elizabethan country house near Finchingfield in Essex.

The hall is named after Hervey de Ispania, who held the manor at the time of the Domesday Book in 1086. Since then, the land has been owned by three families - the de Ispania family; the Kempe family, who acquired it when Margery de Ispania married Nicholas Kempe in the early 15th century; and the Ruggles family (later the Ruggles-Brise family). After the Kempe line failed, the house was bought in 1760 by Samuel Ruggles, a clothier from Bocking. His descendents, the Ruggles-Brise family, still live in the house today. Recent occupants include Sir Edward Ruggles-Brise, 1st Baronet (1882–1942), and his son, Sir John Ruggles-Brise, 2nd Baronet (1908–2007). The property provides hospitality for a variety of corporate and private events, including weddings.
The current house dates to c. 1570, with earlier remains that include part of a medieval king post roof. The principal fa├žade was remodelled by William Kempe in around 1585 and Dutch gables were added by Robert Kempe in 1637. Robert Kempe was reputedly knighted by Oliver Cromwell in 1641, in front of the house.

A park of around 7 hectares surrounding the house was landscaped to a plan by Humphry Repton in around 1807; the new landscaping remade some of the series of early 17th-century fishponds as ornamental water features, which are being gradually restored today. Nearer the house are a large (2 hectare) and early (16th-century) walled garden, and a mid-19th-century formal garden. The grounds also include the remains of a moat around an earlier house.

The house is protected as a grade I listed building. The 18th-century dovecote and 19th-century coach house and stables were converted in 2005 into an essex venue for weddings, conferences, and other events. Spains Hall itself followed and in 2010 was opened to civil ceremonies, wedding receptions, parties and corporate events.

Other historic houses called Spains Hall exist at Willingale and Spaynes Hall in Great Yeldham, also in Essex.

This is the Spains Hall Ruggles-Brise line that branches off from the children of Nicholas Ruggles, 
Generation #5: 
  • Roger Ruggles
  • George Ruggles = Spains Hall Ruggles-Brise line.
  • Edward Ruggles
  • Mary Ruggles
  • William Ruggles
  • Robert Ruggles
  • Thomas Ruggles = my Grandmother, Nellie May Ruggles line.

4.       Nicholas Ruggles b. 1522 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England - d. 20 Jun 1617 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England /m.  Wife 1538 –
(5.) Roger Ruggles b. 1548 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England – /m. on 23 Feb. 1573 to Margery Dandye
a.       (6.) John 1576 -
b.      (6.) George 1578 -
c.       (6.) Geoffrey or Jeffery or Geffrey 1580 -

(5.) George Ruggles b. 1558 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England – d. 16 May 1616 - his will proved 16 May 1616, mentions him as of Sudbury/m. on 5 June 1575 to Alice Dandye
a.       (6.)  Jeffery Ruggles b. in England – d. 1630 in Boston, Suffolk, MA – / m.  Margaret
b.      (6.)  Bridget Ruggles /m. Martin Harris
c.       (6.)  John Ruggles / Frances
a.       (7.) George Ruggles
d.      (6.) George Ruggles b. 26 Mar 1581 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England - d. 18 Jun 1669 in Boston, Suffolk, MA /m.  Elizabeth (b. Boston, Suffolk, MA)
a.       (7.) George Ruggles
b.      (7.) Amos Ruggles b. 27 Jul 1612 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England
c.       (7.) Ann Ruggles
d.      (7.) John / Sarah Jenks (d. 18 Jul 1680)
                                                                                      i.      (8.)  John (d. Jan 1699 or June 1702) /m. Mary Swift (d. Aug 1720) - THIS IS THE RUGGLES-BRISE OF SPAIN HALL FAMILY LINE. This was the first family to settle at Bocking in Essex, England / will dated Jan 1699.
1.       (9.) Mary b. 1667/ Samuel Crackenthorpe
2.       (9.)  Thomas d. 1743-4 at age 64. – buried in an alter-tomb at Bocking Churchyard/ Rose his first wife (3 kids) & Ann  2nd wife (1 child)
a.       (10.)  John Ruggles / Ann “AMY” Fuller
b.      (10.)  Thomas Ruggles d. Nov 1813/ m. in 1736 to Ann Brise – inherited Spain Hall Estates at the death of his cousin John Ruggles who d. in 1776.
                                                                                                                                                              i.      (11.)  Thomas Ruggles / Jane Ann Freeland
1.       (12.) Samuel Ruggles d. at Bristol Hotwells in Feb 1804, age 24.
2.       (12.) Shadrach George Ruggles d. 1804, age 15.
3.       (12.)   Maria Ann Ruggles d. 18 Feb 1812
4.       (12.) Jane Ruggles /m. John Walford Esq.
5.       (12.) Frances Brise Ruggles /m. Rev. Charles Fisher
6.       (12.)   Sophia Lydia Ruggles d. 15 Feb 1827 /m.  Rev. Henry Freeland
7.       (12.)  John Ruggles (his father’s heir)/ Catherine Harrison
a.       (13.) Samuel Brise Ruggles-Brise
b.      (13.)   Georgianna Ruggles – Brise / Walter K. Haslewood
c.       (13.)  Cecilia Susanna Ruggles-Brise / Lord Garvagh
c.       (10.)  Samuel Ruggles / Sarah English – purchased Spain Hall
                                                                                                                                                              i.      (11.)  John Ruggles d. 1776 at age 26 – Spain Hall Estate went to his cousin Thomas Ruggles Esq. of Clare
d.      (10.)  Ann Ruggles with 2nd wife Ann /m. Mr. Walford
3.       (9.)  Sarah Ruggles b. 1687 / William Rankin of Saffron Waldon
                                                                                    ii.      (8.)   Samuel Ruggles
                                                                                  iii.      (8.)   William Ruggles
                                                                                   iv.      (8.)   Ann Ruggles /m.  ___ Gibbons
                                                                                     v.      (8.)   Thomas Ruggles / Mary Dale
                                                                                   vi.      (8.)   James Ruggles
(5.) Edward Ruggles b. 1562 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England - /m. & left issue
(5.) Margery Ruggles b. 1563 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England  – / m. on 19 Jan 1584 to John Drury  
(5.) William Ruggles b. 1552 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England  – 1605
o   Wife #1 6 Oct 1577 to Mary Brandish Kids:
o   (6.)  Alice Ruggles
o   (6.)  Susan Ruggles
o   Wife #2 11 Oct 1585 to Lucy Grome 1552 - Kids:
o   (6.)  Thomas Ruggles
o   (6.)  Philip Ruggles

(5.) Robert Ruggles b. 1561 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England – d. 21 June 1605 / Elizabeth
(5.) Thomas Ruggles (SR.) b. 1558 /60 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England – d. 1647 / m. Margaret Dandridge (b. 1562 in England)  – THESE ARE THE IMMIGRANTS: came about 1635.